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Since 1999 POEGS publishes his music over the net. Poegs is Christian Zumdick, a german composer, guitarist and keyboarder, who is writing, arranging, performing and producing his music by oneself. The biggest musical influences are Ambient / New Age music like Tangerine Dream, Mike Oldfield, Kitaro, Klaus Schulze or Vangelis and psychedelic and progressive Rock music of the 70's in style of Pink Floyd, Camel, Jethro Tull, Eloy or Genesis. The music is a blend of meditative New Age over spheric Ambient / SpaceRock to bluesy ProgRock. The sound is dominated by e-guitar, piano and synthesizer, sometimes with and sometimes without drums!

The album TRANSMIGATRATION was released in September 1999. It contains different musical genres including the symphonic New Age titeltrack, which is devided into three parts and describes a circle of the transmigration of our souls.

In februar 2000 the BLACK HOLE - album came out. It features a concept-album about prison and songs like the powerful Motherf* and Big B, the psychedelic and progressive The Years That Bind and Mighty Madman or the New Age / Ambient - Tracks Black Hole, Black Hole (reprise) or Changing Worlds.

GALAXY is available since August 2000. There are several songs in a spacy and New Age style (e.g. Through A Luminous Galaxy or Final Achievement) besides Progressive-Rock like Spiral Nebula or the blues-influenced Unbearable Emptyness.

LANDSCAPE is a concept-album about earth, nature and seasons with songs like the dreamy Windward, the moody Continuous Flow, the melancholic Adagio or the epic title-track Landscape.

Considering the different genres in the first four albums of Poegs, there are three sampler-CD's out now. One is called THE NEW FROGRESSIVE AGE SAMPLER and contains the New Age, Easy Listening and Ambient songs. THE FROGRESSIVE ROCK SAMPLER features the ProgRock and Psychedelic tracks and PLANET FROG: SPACE AMBIENT FLIGHT is focussed on the Ambient, Electronic and spacy music of Poegs.

The latest regular album of Poegs is called IN SOMNIUS. This CD creates a journey through our dreams and visions with electronic, guitar- and pianodominated Easy Listening and New Age. Listen to great relaxing and meditative tracks like Timeless, Far Away or Recollect, to spacy ambient songs like In Somnius or Imagination and to calm and flowing Soft Rock pieces like The Moldau or The Spheres Beneath!

Many tracks of Poegs can be streamed and downloaded for free at SoundClick. There were more than 80000 listens of these songs at MP3.com. At Reviews you can read some reviews of profesional critics and of MP3.com radio stations.

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