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english SoundClick There you can listen and download many tracks of Poegs in HiFi or LoFi quality.
german and english Besonic Page in english and german with lots of streaming tracks and also a CD-shop!
english IUMA Download and streaming in MP3 and RealAudio!
german MP3.de Make a compilation CD with Poegs-songs!
english Garageband Read some reviews of Poegs-songs or write your own one!
english Musicbuilder More MP3's of Poegs.
german and english Peoplesound MP3's and more in english and in german.

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english Camel Official homepage of Camel.
german Pink Floyd Good site with many informations about the band-history.
german The Pink Floyd RoIO-Database Discography of (nearly) all legal and illegal records ever been made. And short music-files of Pink Floyd.
english Rayman's Pink Floyd Homepage Funny page with desktop-themes, screen-saver, MIDI's, MP3's and more...
german Helge Schneider Official homepage of Helge. tourdates, merchandising and other funny things!
german The official Fan-Site of Santana Official? Nevertheless fine and informative fanpage!
english Santana Official homepage of the guitar-hero.
english Elephant Talk Great KC-Site
englisch Jethro Tull Music Archive Great resource of Tull lyrics!
english Jethro Tull Nice site with tons of informations, pictures, interviews, Real Audio clips and many more!
english Jethro Tull This is the official homepage of Ian Anderson's Jethro Tull. Merchandising, discography und stories.
german and english Klaus Schulze Official site of the electonic-master.
german and english Manfred Mann's Earth Band Official Manfred Mann homepage.
englisch The Unofficial Nektar of the Gods Museum Big fan-page of the great english band Nektar.
english Mike Oldfield Official Mike Oldfield homepage with soundsamples and many more.
english Renaissance Nice page of the Prog-Band Renaissance. Discography, lyrics, MIDI-Files. Very good.
english Tangerine Dream Official material of the german Prog-Band. Everything you need.
english Stephan's Tangerine Dream Homepage Godd private homepage. It's worth while.
english Eloy The Eloy-Site. Good homepage - brilliant music.
english The YES WebRing Webring with dozens of Yes-Fanpages.
english Yesworld Official Yes-Page. Gigantic!

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Artists mixed

english All Music Guide Gigantic archive of discographies and informationen of nearly all bands from Rock to Jazz.
english Electronic Music Directory Great ressource to find all kinds of electronic artists!
german Babyblaue Seiten Very good place to find reviews of prog-music! Only in german.
deutsch und englisch DURP Big place to get information about new and old, popular or independent artists of the prog-scene.
englisch Krautrocknet.com Great site focussing on Krautrock with links, online-magazine, reviews a.m., also about several unknown bands!
english Ghostland Very informative site with reports and news of the Progressive-Rock-Scene.
deutsch und englisch Prog Teutonicum Webring of german or german-language Progressive-Rock- and Progressive-Metal-Bands und labels.
english The Progressive Rock Ring Webring with hundreds of homepages.
german The Progressive Corner Reviews and CD's of mostly unpopular Prog-Bands.
english Tommy's Forest Of Progressive Rock Good site with CD-Reviews and more.
english SynGate Space Electronic Krautrock Progressive Music!
english New-age Resources New-age related news, books and web resources.
english IndiePerformer Innovative Indie-Webzine for artits and listeners.
english Musical Styles Web-Directory for bands.

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